The main business is the counselling and organisation of language courses and stays at home and abroad.

The company operates all-year-round and has been established for at least five years.

The member operates without any obligations towards or turnover agreements with its partner schools or any third party. Clients profit from the fact that a school is only recommended if it suits their needs.

Original Prices
Clients pay the same prices that they would pay if they booked directly with the school concerned.

Transparent Prices
Clients do not pay more than the published prices.

Competent Counselling Free of Charge
Counsellors are well-informed and give clients friendly, competent counselling free of charge. They also help with planning the journey.

Partner Schools are Named
The member reveals the name of the school.

Partner Schools are Visited
The member has visited and inspected the partner schools on offer.

Top Quality Information
The client receives detailed, correct information about the school.

The client receives a clear overview of the maximum number of students in a class so that class-size as well as prices can be compared.

A Range of Schools
The client receives a range of offers: not only a few large schools but also smaller, specialised schools should be included in the member’s list of partner schools.

Partner School Websites
The member communicates its partner school websites to its clients.

Fair & Comprehensible Booking Conditions
The booking conditions should be fair and easily understood.

Comprehensive Service
Tuition, accommodation and travel: the member organises and co-ordinates everything if the client wishes.